Interactive Multitouch Tables bring innovation to retail & business

iDesign Café  helps retailers create both an efficient and highly-engaging customer experience by offering the most versatile multi-touch products on the market that meet the needs of both traditional transactional applications, as well as emerging in-store branding innovation.
It’s not about what we can do…it’s about what you want.

We work closely with our clients and partners in crafting meaningful interactive experiences.  4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels). 4K technology is currently more applicable to PC applications than to televisions.  For televisions, there is currently not much support for a true 4K display from consumer electronic video sources.  On the other hand, in PCs the benefits of a 4K display can be immediately realized when connected to a supporting PC.  The higher resolution means a bigger work surface without a loss in pixels-per-inch, which makes 4K technology ideal for multitouch tables. At iDesign we have embraced the 4K revolution and aim to offer the best user experience imaginable.

Interactive Design Café develops innovative products with a focus on Human Computer Interaction. Our creative and collaborative approach to custom exhibit design produces memorable and engaging experiences. Our multitouch tables, verticals and video wall products are known for their original designs, exceptional quality, and unbeatable performance.


Touchscreen Verticals make information easily accessible

Digital Signage solutions are being explored by most business owners today to give them an edge over their competitors. There are many different benefits digital signage will have on your business, which can help you become more successful within your industry.  Some of the benefits over static signage is that they can be remotely managed, interactive, and visually engaging experiences that are informative, immersive, and fun.

Touchscreens combining LED/LCD displays and touch frames for vertical applications on walls are available in different sizes ranging from 32”-84”. Complete systems with a media center PC to run App content. Interactive kiosk systems featuring ticket machines, printers, scanners and credit card terminals offer versatile applications at events, airports, in shop window displays, museums, POS and POI.

Multitouch Software turns your brand into an engaging experience

The extensive experience of iDesign in user interface design has made us the pioneers in developing multitouch and multiuser interactives. Our design expertise also includes motion recognition, gesture recognition and other emerging HCI (human computer interaction) technologies.

iDesign has also partnered with leading software developers, to provide the most advanced capabilities for our clients.  We are dedicated to creating new and exciting multitouch applications that serve a wide variety of commercial markets. By combining both advanced software with high performance multitouch hardware, our solutions provide the most engaging user experience for your brand.

Some of our multitouch software features are:

  • Multitouch software customization for an engaging brand experience
  • Dynamic touch gestures, animation, and external logic integration
  • Software updates, which are based on customer feedback and requests
  • Remote software updates with new functionalities synced to all machines
  • 4K software development to take advantage of ultra hi-res technology
  • Security & encryption, point of sale, GPS and API based applications
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Why Choose Interactive Design Cafe

We specialize in providing end-to-end solutions that combine multi-touch hardware with software, and offer service design expertise to make sure your business has the most engaging customer experience imaginable. We have the latest designs of touchscreen products with our own factory that allows us to custom manufacture any design possibilities, with all the computing power and features you want! Further, we go to our clients place of business (at your request and consent) on delivery to walk our clients through their products functions and to develop relationships with the people at the companies with which we do business.  We ensure the quality of craftsmanship of our products with quality control throughout the manufacturing process to make sure every detail is correct on your order; and deliver using reliable shipping companies to assure you get the best price on delivery to your door.  All our products come with a 1 year standard Warranty, and we have technicians available to service clients with 24hr support through remote diagnosis, email, Skype and our direct call service line.

Some of our service design features are:

  • Help you identify problem areas and generate ideas for improvement
  • Examine the operations, culture, and structure of your organization for impact on service experience
  • Analyzing, organizing, storyboarding, defining touchpoints, A/B testing and blueprinting the new service experience
  • Redesigning your products to improve the way they allow your customers to interact while they use your service
  • Designing custom multitouch hardware and software to help deliver a service more efficiently
  • Creating printed material, websites, and branding to communicate what your service is all about

Interactive Design Café was listed as a leading Service Design Agency by Forrester Research in 2013 (pg 19-34) View Report

Download our Service Design Guide to learn more about what our agency can do for your business View Guide

Interactive Design Café is a leading interactive design firm that designs and develops a wide-range of large-scale and large screen interactives, multi-touch tables, touchscreen verticals, kiosks and multitouch software development (iOS, Android, Windows 8). We work closely with our clients and partners in crafting meaningful interactive experiences and have provided multitouch solutions for restaurants, hotels, auto manufacturers, museums, educational organizations, trade shows, gaming studios, shopping malls, state governments, banks, financial firms and businesses.


  • ACM SIGGRAPH International Resources Committee
  • Interaction Design Association
  • Association for Computing Machinery – ACM
  • Taiwan Technology Art Association 科技藝術協會
  • Microsoft BizSpark Program
  • AT&T Developer Program
  • Service Innovation in the Asia Automobile Industry