99.LED Digital Advertising LED Display Panels

LED video panels are perfect for large facade advertising.  The acrylic panels are up to 75% transparent to keep normal view from within the building or store. The modules are able to be stuck directly on glass with a special UV glue, and can also be installed by frame or hanging methods.  The system can play video, graphics, animations, text and live broadcasts. LED media facades are a new way to tell a story in advertising and create a new arena for high-end branding opportunities. LED panels can be applied wherever a glass wall exists such as commercial building, landmark architecture, shopping mall, supermarket, retail stores, etc.

Shipping not included in price.  General lead time is 3-4 weeks.  LCD advertising panels can be easily mounted and maintained. Optional costs may include professional installation.

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Product Description

LED tiles can be added at the time of construction or at any time afterwards. This ability means that basically any window or glass surface worldwide can be turned into a daytime viewable digital screen.

  • High Degree of Visibility / Transparency
  • 20 mm Pixel Pitch (P20)
  • 2,500 pixels/sq.m Pixel Density
  • High brightness 4,500 nits
  • Panel Resolution: 32×16 pixels
  • Panel Size: 640*320mm
  • Panel Weight: 2.7KG
  •  ≥800Hz
  • Ease of Installation and Maintenance
  • Elegant and fashionable shape
  • Video Input: VGA, YC DVI, DHMI, SDI, RGB,CVBS,GD-SDI,etc
  • Transmission Distance: Multi mode fiber <500m, Single mode fiber <30Km, Internet cable <100m
  • Operating system: Windows 7/8/10
  • LED Panels ship in compact sections
  • Installation by expert technicians available

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