Multitouch Software turns your brand into an engaging experience

The extensive experience of iDesign in user interface design has made us the pioneers in developing multitouch and multiuser interactives. Our design experience includes Motion and Gesture Recognition, RFID, Tracking Beacons, AR (Augmented Reality), IoT (Internet of Things) and other emerging HCI (Human Computer Interaction) technologies.

iDesign has also partnered with leading software developers, to provide the most advanced capabilities for our clients.  We are dedicated to creating new and exciting multi-touch applications that serve a wide variety of commercial markets. By combining both advanced software with high performance multi-touch hardware, our solutions provide the most engaging user experience for your brand.  Portfolio of Work

Some of our multitouch software features are:

  • Multitouch software customization for an engaging brand experience
  • Dynamic touch gestures, animation, and external logic integration
  • Software updates based on user experience feedback and analytics
  • Remote software updates send new functionalities to all machines
  • Omni-channel retail development for optimal customer experience
  • 4K software development takes advantage of ultra hi-res technology
  • Security & encryption, point of sale, GPS and API based applications

We provide our clients with a wide range of services such as: multitouch software development, Custom interactive hardware manufacturing, R&D and testing services, professional consulting, interactive public display integration & distribution. Our enterprise applications offer the most extensive multi-touch experiences for your lobby, shopping mall, retail, museum, education, bank, real estate, restaurant, trade show etc..

Some of our Software Clients: