Touchscreen Kiosk and Digital Signage for future of retail and CX innovation

In the shopping and retail space, multitouch tables, kiosks and verticals represent a fundamental role to ensure the success and effectiveness of large brands and the shopping experience.

Retailers have found that simply offering a comparable selection of goods online as their competitors isn’t enough to stand out in the crowd. In order to compete in the new environment, retailers need to distinguish themselves through robust online and offline experiences. retailers must transition from a showroom model to an experience venue.   That is why the future of retail involves multitouch tables, kiosks, shopping mall interactives, digital signage, video walls, tracking beacons and projection mapping technology.

Today, retailers provide live chat, shopping advisers, quick replies via email, Facebook, or Twitter and more to create a great shopping experience. They post product videos on Vine and suggest shoes that go with the skirt a customer put into her shopping cart. With so much effort put into elevating customer service online, shouldn’t the in-store experience reflect the same customer values?


Brands have the opportunity to aggregate the content and insight they have developed for online and put that back into their store and in the hands of their salespeople, to create even more seamless experiences. A helpful experience with a staff member has potential to create an emotional connection and turn a browsing experience into a purchase.

Innovative technology is also becoming necessary in the shopping mall experience. Today almost all shopping centers have a digital multitouch directory.  Apart from the location map of stores, multitouch kiosk and verticals are an excellent information point for promotions, sales, campaigns and advertising.

Just as important as the impact the digital directory has among consumers, is also the concept of on-time updates that these platforms allow to administrators. They can update any information or put new highlights of the stores or the advertising on all kiosks in a few seconds!

Multitouch Tables, kiosks, digtial signage and video walls are indispensable tools to shopping and retail in order to:

  • Promote products by companies / stores
  • Inform about items, sales and publish ads
  • Directory Kiosk with a graphic interface capable of doing store search presented in the shopping.
  • Information about movies or other events that are taking place in shopping center.
  • Hot-spot for the shopping area.
  • Service management / queue management (flow control of customers)
  • Digital Advertising
  • Interact with future technologies such as Tracking Beacons, Augmented Reality, Projection Mapping

The multitouch kiosks and digital advertising signage today are massively used in commercial and retail centers, since they are one of the existing technological tools that distinguish companies that are fighting for a relevant position in the market.

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