93.AEDU Touch Series Smartboard 4K Electronic Whiteboard

With the Touch Series ‘Smartboard’ there is no need for any special pointing device or stylus. Simply touch the screen to control the onboard computer system. The 4K display is ideal for Interactive whiteboards because they are larger size and are often used for presentations, math, drawing and and text that can be seen in perfect clarity. The Smartboard allows teachers a new way to engage with their students in the classroom and is essential in today’s classroom.

The touch series interactive smart board integrates beautifully into the office and is the perfect solution for conference rooms. as it was designed for group collaboration. With it’s high resolution camera the smartboard creates an in-team experience with business conference software such as Skype.  This smartboard is perfect for education, business, conference rooms, banks, courthouse, government buildings, etc.  Available in sizes from 65″ to 84″. See the comparison

iDesign works with educators and is dedicated to providing future of learning in the classroom technologies.  Ask about our 10% educational discount on all our touch products.

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  • Superb Image Clarity

  • 4K Resolution

  • No Shadow

  • Ideal for Group Collaboration

  • 75″, 86″ and 104″ Available

  • Control Screen with your Mobile Phone

  • Wall Mounts and Table Top Stand Included

  • Choice of OS



Multitouch, is the most intuitive way to interact with computers and consume information. It brings people together to collaborate like never before.  Its a technology that’s innovative, intuitive, natural, and incredibly useful at the same time.  It merges the physical to the digital world.  iDesign Café specializes in providing end-to-end multitouch solutions. Our solutions combine some of the best hardware from our extensive product range to a completely custom software solution. Completely tailored to your needs.  We understand your requirements and provide the best solution for you.

General lead time is 4 weeks.  Customization may take an additional 10-20 days.

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