93-TCDK Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Kiosk

Protect your Staff and Customers with our Unique Hand Sanitizer Stations

These digital signage hand sanitizer auto-dispenser kiosks allow businesses to spread sanitation messages not disease. The kiosk has an automatic dispenser that senses hands, so that there is no need to touch any pump or button. The 21″ display can be used to promote good hand washing, workplace rules, company information or advertising.  As people go back to the workplace, the gym, restaurants, etc., it is important that businesses do what they can to promote good hygiene and make sure their spaces are free from contamination. Easy to refill sanitizer, and can be used wall mounting or free standing. Help your business conform with the latest NHS Guidance to stop the spread of COVID-19.

  • 21″ LG LCD Display
  • 10 Point PCAP Touchscreen
  • Wifi
  • Auto Dispense via the built-in IR Sensor, clean, safe & completely touch free to avoid cross infection. Number of Dispensing times can be adjusted to 1,2,3 or 4
  • 3.6L Internal Reservoir Volume: 3600ml – provides 9000 Pumps. Optional Dispenser heads providing; hand foamer at 0.4ML, 1ml, 1.5ml​
  • Built-in high quality stereo speaker (5w)
  • Floor Standing or Wall Mounted
  • Logo branding optional


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General lead time is 3-4 weeks. Customization may take an additional 10-20 days.

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