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92-KIDT Self Service Check-in Security Kiosk

Multi-functional self-service kiosk with choice of 19″ or 22″ touchscreen, and powerful computer with pre-installed Window 10 OS. This kiosks has an extended back with many locations to install a variety of options like Mifare card readers, barcode scanner, RFID reader, printer, camera, etc; which make it a perfect kiosk for photo ID badge check-in, security terminal, passport scanner at an airport, ticket machine, and other purposes. We have many add-ons available, and computer specs can be configured to your requirements.

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Product Description

  • Available in 19″ or 22″ Display
  • Resolution: 1680×1050
  • 6 Point Touchscreen
  • Intel i5
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD
  • Wifi
  • Integrated 5W Speakers for Rich Sound Quality
  • Add-On Options include: Color/Thermal Printer, HD Camera, 2D Barcode Scanner, RFID,  QR Code Reader, Passport Reader, NFC Card Reader, Mifare Card Reader/Writer, Metal Keyboard, Pin Keypad.
  • Choice of OS



Multitouch, is the most intuitive way to interact with computers and consume information. It brings people together to collaborate like never before.  Its a technology that’s innovative, intuitive, natural, and incredibly useful at the same time.  It merges the physical to the digital world.

Shipping not included in price.  General lead time is 2 weeks.  Customization may take an additional 10-20 days.

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