93-TCMSS Rapid Scanning Thermal Camera System with Facial Recognition

Accurately scan crowds of up to 400 people per second

The rapid no-contact mass temperature screening system uses infrared and visual double spectrum fusion to make it the most intuitive and efficient product in it’s class. The system includes automatic face detection and snapshot technology based that can single out and photograph people with high temperatures in crowds at up to 400 people per second.  The thermal camera measures the forehead at an accuracy of ±0.3℃, and can accurately eliminate interference caused by smoking, eating food, hot water cups, cell phones, etc.  The automatic temperature correction algoritm based on AI technology requires no intervention by on-site staff, no-contact and no sensing screen measurement at the millisecond level.  Based on AI technology and flow statistics technology, it can accurately identify and count the number of people passing and who has a fever to quickly analyze and identify an epidemic situation. The technology is mature and reliable as an International advanced level instrument. The system is available in 3 types and includes the Dual Light Camera, Blackbody, Tripod or mounting system, and PC software.

Some of the features include:

Quick detection: The measured stream of people pass through the detection area, and the temperature of the human body can be detected in 0.5 seconds.

Non-Contact Remote Measurement: The body temperature of the tested persons measured at a distance of 13-30ft, which will not easily cause panic of the tested persons. Monitors can be located further away from the console to avoid cross infection.

Concealment: The temperature measurement can be carried out without the complete knowledge of the detected object, which is beneficial to ensuring the normal working order of important department such as airports, ports, railway stations and so on.

Good UI Interactive Design Software: The software has great functionality and user experience with thermal image side by side of HD camera image, and side bar with images of suspected flagged individuals in alarm records.

  • Double-light imaging
  • 384×288 Infrared Resolution and 41°×22.2° FOV
  • Visible light: 1920×1080 HD Resolution and 41°×22.2° FOV
  • Wavelength range: 8~14μm
  • 360 degree disinfection without dead angle
  • Rate: 25Hz
  • IR lens: 9.7mm/1.0
  • IR FOV: 40°×30°
  • Self-calibration temperature
  • Stability: ±(0.1~0.2)℃/30min
  • 10°~80°C temperature measurement range
  • ±0.3°C temperature measurement accuracy
  • Acoustic-optic alarming
  • AI identification
  • Face image capture
  • High precision temperature measurement
  • Non-inductive temperature measurement
  • Parameter Adjustment
  • Unattended
  • Interface: RJ45, Gigabit Internet, Default UDP, 12V DC


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