93-TCCD Temperature Screening Device with Facial Recognition

Our pass management temperature screening device with thermal infrared sensors and face recognition technology will allow your business to perform efficient, accurate temperature readings instantly. The system is non-contact for the customer and does not require any participation from an employee.  Simply stand a few feet away from the camera and the device will scan temperatures and instantly approve or deny entry via voice message and green or red indicator light. Built-in software allows managers to build a facial recognition database of employees and keep records of temperature readings. Flexible in design, the personnel management solution is available in freestanding and countertop configurations. The system ensures a safer environment for your employees, visitors and customers. As businesses open up after closures COVID-19, governors and local governments are requiring parties to be tested for a fever. These modules can be used with access gates and attendance for communities, office buildings, schools, hotels, museums, transportation hubs and other public places. Click on the video tab on the left of the product description for a demo.

  • Binocular wide dynamic camera
  • LED and IR dual photo flood light
  • 8″ IPS LCD 800 x 1280 Resolution Screen
  • Touchscreen (Optional)
  • CPU: RK3288 quad-core (optional RK3399 six-core,
    MSM8953 eight-core)
  • 8GB Storage
  • Ethernet and Wifi
  • Facial Recognition Software with 30,000 face storage database
  • Easy to use menu to turn on/off functions
  • IC/NFC Contactless Card Reader
  • Instructional voice prompts in 19 languages
  • Ethernet and Wifi
  • Green/Red indicator light to alert dangerous temperatures
  • 2.5W  speakers (5w)
  • 1 USB OTG, 1 USB standard A port
  • Comes with attached pole mount for ticket gates or can be wall mounted
  • 4′ pedestal stand or desktop base available


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Ready to Ship in 3-5 business days. Orders of 50 or more ready in 10 days depending on availability.

Automated solution for employers, schools, restaurants, to create a safe work environment. Plug and play. No contact, touch-less scans. Comply with Executive Orders.

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