Capacitive Touch Tables quality crafted and built to your specifications

We sell touch tables in all shapes and sizes from full size touch tables, touchscreen coffee tables, touch restaurant tables, or touch tables for children. We make our tables from steel, aluminum, wood, and other materials and processes. Possible add-ons are casters, headphones, sensors, and travel case. Touch tables facilitate user experience by connecting users to information, entertainment, advertising, sales and services.


Touch Tables

4K LCD, LED, OLED Digital Signage, Video Walls and Totems spread your message and make information easily accessible

Digital Signage Advertising has proven to be the most captivating way to reach potential customers with your message. So, shouldn’t your digital signage machines be equally inspiring in design to display that message? We strive to create the most elegant digital signage machines that compliment the environment, not disrespect it. We deal in the latest AV technology such as HD, 4K UHD, LCD, LED, OLED, Projection, and Hologram. We have many styles of digital signage, video walls, totems, and wall mounted displays to choose from in our catalog. We can also create custom design totems for indoor or outdoor to your requirements.


Digital Signage

Wayfinding and Lobby Kiosks direct visitors to areas and services

Interactive Design Café designs and builds touch screen kiosks for businesses and brands. We make our touch kiosks from steel, aluminum, glass, and other materials and processes. Our kiosks have tempered waterproof touch glass, 24/7 commercial displays, and powerful computers configured to your requirements. Possible add-ons are cameras, ticket machines, scanners, printers, RFID, credit card terminals.


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Touch Software Applications turn your brand into an engaging experience

Technologies such as touchscreens, digital signage, AR, VR, and mixed realities, provide endless opportunities to connect brands to people. We work closely with our clients to create experiences that engage people in a meaningful way..

Why Choose Interactive Design Café?

  • We have created and launched Interactive kiosk displays Worldwide.

  • We provide end-to-end Touch Hardware and Software Solutions.

  • We have an incredible product catalog with many options available to meet your requirements.

  • All of our products come with a 1 Year Warranty, which can be Upgraded to 3 or 5 Years!

Interactive Design Café can help you merge your digital presence to the physical store by providing both the marketing technologies and a branded customer experience through software or audio visual experience. Our broad combined skill set allows us to approach projects from multiple perspectives and deliver well considered and innovative solutions. We are always happy to talk through your ideas so please feel free to get in touch below.