Touchscreen Tables for real estate and housing developers

The next incarnation of the offering plan has arrived, and it is paperless. The developers of high-end residential buildings are turning to touchscreen technologies to woo and wow potential buyers of condominiums with every bell and whistle except one: the apartments, since they don’t yet exist.  So developers are finding new ways to simulate them — and stimulate sales.

“The sales gallery for the Greenwich Lane, a five-building, five-townhouse, 200-unit residential behemoth in Greenwich Village, is dominated by an 84-inch Interactive touch table. Programmed with every ounce of data that went into the development, it is actually a salesman extraordinaire: so convincing was its ability to collate, contrast, and display information — it could juggle four floor plans simultaneously — that it helped sell 100 apartments before the developer had even conjured up a single brochure.”

 Plat Maps can now be an immersive experience, allowing clients to navigate their way through their future property

Just imagine your house hunters exploring a living room, kitchen and bathroom, and activating simulations of specific layouts and views for apartments on different floors that are displayed on a touch table or large screen displays. It translates to clients being wowed by an interactive buying experience that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Multitouch tables, digital signage and video walls have become essential to real estate developers:

  • An Engaging virtual walk-through of a plat map, floor plan, or 3D rendered views of the room in a home
  • One touch data tracking of apartments, homes, condos, and timeshares that are available or have been sold
  • Selling properties digitally before they’re even built!
  • Presenting information to millennial clients in the most innovative, luxurious, and engaging way
  • High-tech presentations can be viewed in the comfort of an air conditioned office
  • Easily update software to add new floor plans and properties for sale or in development

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