Nationwide Installation & Service provides quality, efficiency & peace of mind

From massive multi-site, multi-technology rollouts to elegant small business solutions, iDesign Cafe has partnered with the premier providers of technology services with 30 years experience in the field to offer nationwide and global deployment, onsite service, and repair 24/7.

Zutek (formerly Installation & Service Technologies), is among the premier installers of digital signage with a team of W2 technicians that ensure consistency and quality control across any service or installation project.

We also partner with USSI Global for turnkey deployment of digital signage network projects including engineering and R&D, procurement, survey, installation, quality assurance, logistics, and maintenance in over 180 countries.


Some of the installation and services provided are:

  • Multi-unit mall rollouts for indoors or outdoors
  • Installing and replacing capacitive and IR touchscreens
  • Installation of concrete pads, footers, bolts, power and network cabling
  • Digital Signage and video wall installation
  • Beacons, POS and back office installation
  • Product demos after installation
  • Annual service plans with 24hr assistance and 48hr completion
  • Single point of contact
  • Nationwide and Global reach

Product installations and maintenance services are not included in product pricing. These services are offered to support our extended warranty and help our clients with the best quality installation services available.  If you would like an annual maintenance contract or professional installation services, please let us know and we will give you a quote.