Interactive Design Cafe offers 2 types of warranties depending on whether you have registered your Products or not and if you have purchased an Enhanced Warranty.

Standard (1) One Year Warranty

A Standard Warranty applies to all Products. This warranty provides a 1 year Warranty Term from the Warranty Start Date. Under the Standard Warranty all Products receive the Return for Repair Warranty Service Level as outlined in the Warranty Service Level section.  These warranty extensions are subject to the Standard Warranty Terms & Conditions set forth herein as well as those Terms & Conditions set forth herein.

iDesign MultiCare Plus Warranty

iDesign also offers an Enhanced Warranty and this is referred to as iDesign MultiCare Plus Warrany which can be purchased by customers to improve both the Warranty Service Level and Warranty Term that Products are entitled to.

Return Policy

All warranty claims made are serviced by Return for Repair – please see our Warranty Terms & Conditions for more details.

What is Return for Repair?

Return for Repair is a warranty service offered to you as part of iDesign’s Standard Warranty and iDesign’s MultiCare Plus. If, following a diagnostics call with iDesign’s Customer Support, the product is declared faulty, an iDesign representative or local technician may be sent to fix the problem. If our technician does not fix the problem, the faulty product should be returned at the customer’s expense to iDesign or one of our recommended service facilities. If iDeisgn is able to fix the returned product it may be returned back to the client in working condition**.  If we are unable to fix the problem it will be replaced with another machine within the same Deliverables Timeframe as your contract. If the customer requests for iDesign to go to the customers location to remove and replace the damaged part, iDesign will send technician, but charge a service fee, plus cost of travel or airfare to customers location and lodging expense during the time of service.  We may also send a local AV technician for display failures, in which case it is the customers responsibility for the service fee and iDesign will provide any replacement parts in accordance with the warranty terms.

Take a few moments to register your product and upgrade your warranty and support to our premium offering— iDesign MultiCare Plus.

*Please see the Warranty Terms & Conditions.

**Subject to product availability, courier capability and geographical location.