Interactive Kiosk and Touch Tables for trade shows and events

Interactive exhibit display technology can help you make a lasting impression while capturing critical information from users at trade shows, events, showrooms and more.

For trade shows, many companies invest a considerable amount of money every year to stand out from the crowd.  In recent years, interactive trade show displays have become the most effective way to catch visitors’ attention, then pull them along with interesting activities, demonstrations or opportunities to test a product in a “hands on” fashion.

An interactive multitouch display will help differentiate your brand by making the point that you are on the cutting edge of technology.  The core advantage of interactive technologies is the ability to present content in an engaging way but interactive systems are also a great way to capture leads.

Large trade shows can create such a large footprint for your industry that it breaks through the collective clutter to provide your industry with national, even international attention. Which is why it is critical to captivate the audience to interact with your content immediately by crafting an unforgettable experience. View Inventory

iDesign Café  helps exhibitors create the most innovative trade show booth that will distinguish your brand from the crowd.  We work with only the most talented  designers and specialize in integrating the latest multitouch tables, kiosks and video walls to engage your audience.  We will customize software for your brand that will turn your booth and products into a memorable experience.

Some of the Exhibit and Tradeshow designs we specialize in are:

  • Tradeshow Booth Integration custom interactives made to your specs
  • Multitouch Hardware from our product line of touch tables, kiosks, verticals LCDs, digital signage and video walls
  • Interactive Technologies such as tracking beacons, RFID, and 3D projection mapping projection
  • Holographic Ad Players project 3D animations of your products
  • LED modules for seamless large screen displays and curved video signage
  • Software Design custom tailored experience for your brand
  • Interactive Rentals

Interactive Design Café was listed as a leading Service Design Agency by Forrester Research in 2013 (pg 19-34) View Report

Our multitouch tables, kiosks, verticals and video wall products are known for their original designs, exceptional quality, affordable price and unbeatable performance. We develop both hardware and software for trade shows, exhibits, auto showrooms, showrooms, events and museums.