Digital Signage Wi-Fi Hubs & EV Charging Totems for smart city infrastructure

The world has changed dramatically over the past decade and the pace of change is only getting faster. Activities that were a way of life — pulling into a gas station in an unfamiliar town to ask for directions, for instance — are practically extinct today.

Cities around the world are beginning to understand the value of offering free Internet connection through free public Wi-Fi. This number is only expected to grow as the demand for free Wi-Fi access increases.  The Internet of Things and Smart Cities are driving wireless networks to become more important not only to end users of the service but to Councils who are implementing Smart City initiatives to drive their digital transformation. A smart city is a dynamic city that makes living in a dense urban environment more civil and rewarding. There are many benefits of having free city Wi-Fi, with the most notable being free internet access to citizens, tourists and visitors.


Having a free to use wireless network encourages users to access the service and take advantage of immediately available information such as local news, tourist attractions, promotional offers. A Wi-Fi service can also be used for other projects or part of a council’s digital transformation initiatives. An example of this would be to connect digital media screens, Wi-Fi broadband and sensors for IoT initiatives for air quality monitoring or smart lighting.

As governments updates municipal infrastructure in an effort to digitally transform urban environments into future cities, public Wi-Fi helps cities to be more digitally inclusive. These initiatives often require no cost to the taxpayer for the construction or management of the network as providers frequently offer to maintain the network for their own use during the duration of a partnership. Digital media advertising has raised Billions in revenue for cities with cloud based software that feed ads to targeted locations that get millions of passers-by.

While Digital Signage kiosks are efficient for raising ad revenue, they are also ideal for way finding, accessing city services, current events, transportation services, local business information, public digital art, local history and entertainment. In addition, these kiosks may be able to serve as a reverse alert system during emergencies. As part of a smart network, each kiosk will have content specific to its location and can dynamically change content based on the needs of the users. Smart platforms allow cloud-based digital signage applications to be centrally managed through a server across multiple placements and geographies. This is why digital signage Wi-Fi totems are seen as a key component to the smart city infrastructure.

Outdoor Digital Signage Wi-Fi Totems and Digital Signage EV Charging Stations are helping to reshape the cities we live into Smart Cities:

  • A smart city makes living in a dense urban environment more civil and rewarding
  • Free Wi-Fi makes information immediately available such as local news, tourist attractions, wayfinding
  • Advertising networks bring in Billions of dollars and can be updated remotely through the cloud
  • Information about movies or other events that are taking place in shopping center
  • WiFi broadband and sensors enable IoT initiatives like air quality monitoring or smart lighting
  • No cost to taxpayers because network providers often offer to maintain the network during the duration of a partnership
  • Digital Signage is an ideal for way finding, accessing city services, current events, transportation services, local business information, public digital art, local history and entertainment
  • Backup battery power installed for up to 24 hours operation during a power outage keeps emergency messages displayed during times of crisis
  • Because it typically takes EV charging stations 30 min+ to charge an EV, an opportunity exists for advertisers to provide messaging to EV vehicle owners while they wait to top off the batteries
  • Generate Ad revenue from EV Digital Signage charging stations.  Pump-top advertiser GSTV currently reaches more than 70 million viewers a month

We are in the era of digital information and governments are adopting new technologies to update city infrastructure.  Digital signage Wi-Fi totems, interactive kiosks, video walls and EV charging stations not only enable smart city transformation, but help generate the revenue to pay for it through digital media advertising.

Our digital signage products are known for their original designs, exceptional quality, affordable price and unbeatable performance. Our outdoor digital signage totems are made from galvanized steel with a vandal/graffiti proof shell, protective tempered anti-glare glass, and water/weather proof protection that complies with IP65 outdoor enclosure requirements. We develop both hardware and software for advertising agencies, brands, airports, retail, shopping malls, state governments, train stations, public and commercial spaces.