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Digital Signage & EV Charging Totems for smart cities

Governments around the world are beginning to understand the value of offering free Internet connection through free public Wi-Fi. This number is only expected to grow as the demand for free Wi-Fi access increases.

The Internet of Things and Smart Cities are driving wireless networks to become more important not only to end users of the service but to Councils who are implementing Smart City initiatives to drive their digital transformation. A smart city is a dynamic city that makes living in a dense urban environment more civil and rewarding. There are many benefits of having free city Wi-Fi, with the most notable being free internet access to citizens, tourists and visitors.

Indoor and Outdoor Digital Signage Totems are an efficient way to raise ad revenue for a city. They are ideal for way finding, accessing city services, finding local business information, showcasing digital art, informing about local history and entertainment. In addition, Outdoor totems may be able to serve as a reverse alert system during emergencies. As part of a smart network, each totem will have content specific to its location and can dynamically change content based on the needs of the users. Smart platforms allow cloud-based digital signage applications to be centrally managed through a server across multiple placements and geographies. This is why digital signage Wifi totems are seen as a key component to the smart city infrastructure.

Interactive Design Cafe DOOH Outdoor Digital Signage Totems are known for our elegant designs, exceptional quality, and unbeatable performance. Our outdoor LCD digital signage totems are developed for use in open-space and sun exposed outdoor environments, delivering to customers truly reliable and robust structures. We are investigating and developing an entirely new array technologies as well integrating some existing ones that will raise the bar in digital signage, creating new value for the consumer and network owner. We develop both hardware and software for advertising agencies, brands, airports, shopping malls, governments, EV and smart city infrastructure in public and commercial spaces.

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