Touch Tables and Kiosks facilitate self-ordering in restaurants

Restaurant studies have shown that interactive tables increase sales because customers tend to browse the menu longer and order at their own leisure, rather then having a server take an order once during the course of their stay.

In the age of mobile, tablets, and social media, it’s not surprising that menu applications paired with multi-touch tables and kiosks, create an amazing customer experience for restaurants.  There are many reasons why touch tables and kiosks have become the leading innovation for restaurants. Touch tables and kiosks are currently the most effective source of competitive differentiation that meets the high expectations and demands of today’s customers.

Multitouch Tables allow diners continuous access to the menu without the help of a waiter.  Patrons could simply brows through ultra high resolution photos and videos of your menu, read about the history of the dish, learn what it is made of and maybe even find the recipe just with one touch of the interactive tabletop. While you are waiting for your delicious dinner, you could view the kitchen camera, watch the game, pass the time in an exciting interactive game or meet a girl at the next table – and all this is available with interactive technology.

Interactive technologies are taking over the restaurant world:

  • Guaranteed increase of the average check

  • Increased number of customers due to the new format of the venue

  • Reduced expenses in attracting customers because of the restaurant uniqueness

  • Abolish printed menus and other presentation materials

  • Reduced service time

  • Reduced service staff

  • Full info on the cuisine within a single touch (history, ingredients, calorie info, recommended drinks)

  • New Interactive Advertising Opportunities

  • Games, videos, chats, taxi booking, live online broadcasts from the kitchen

  • Atmosphere control – tables, floors, walls

Interactive Restaurant Technologies represent innovative ways to make your restaurant more attractive, more interesting, more hi-tech, and fun. These are not just gimmicks and certainly not new elements of decor, they rather create a unique atmosphere in a venue which will become a part of urban life, the main attraction which is not to be missed.

Interactive Design Café helps restaurants create next level experiences. We help restaurants explore available technology options that will maximize your point of sale process, streamlines touchpoints,  improve service, and increases sales. We are always happy to talk through your ideas so please feel to get in touch.