Touchscreen Tables and Kiosks for fintech banking applications

Over the years the banking, finance and insurance industries have evolved to using digital tools.  While some banks are integrating tablets, the Multitouch table is the next indispensable tool in this sector.

Usually, the communication of such institutions is made through informative brochures or posters, which banks, financial institutions and insurance companies still use today, and will probably continue to use in the future. However, in the era of multi-touch tables and kiosks: these interactive tools provide a greater motivation for customers to “purchase” products.

bank kiosk

Also, these institutions provide services that are, and will naturally continue to be, done by people because the human element is vital in this sector. But today it is common to see a multimedia kiosk at a bank, financial firm or insurance company, not only for the modernity that gives to the space, but mainly because there are tasks where the multitouch tables and kiosks can replace a human presence.  Multitouch technology is the Future of Banking.

Banks now realize that they no longer dictate how they do business and what they produce; their customers do. In a digital world filled with choice, banks’ customers need choice, empathy and ease of use designed into every interaction they have with the bank — and they need to deliver on that quickly, before their competitors, which now include retailers and other non-banks.

Banks all around the world are augmenting their use of touch tables, kiosks and digital signage for in-branch branding, customer promotions, reducing perceived waiting times, and uplifting ambiance. In an era of digital disruption, banks must implement digital innovation to effectively cater to increasingly tech-savvy bank customers who expect the best products, and customer service from their banks. Customers walking into a local branch expect their bank to be at least as technologically sophisticated as they are.

Touch tables allow for easier content sharing between the banker and customer. Multimedia files can be opened simultaneously, documents can be enlarged and moved across the screen for better reading. Security is assured through digital bar code scanning or fingerprint recognition technology.

Multitouch tables, kiosks and digital signage are an indispensable tools in the banking sector as:

  • Touch Tables Consolidate the banking experience  with one interface/computer, software, ID and document scanner, digital signatures, calculator, card reader/magnetizer, documents and website access eliminates all the bulky tools used by banks today.
  • Quick and Easy Access to Banking Streamlines the banking experience by combining traditional and digital banking.
  • Captures the Millennial Generation Millennials are more receptive to digital experiences.
  • The Best of Both Worlds While millennials want a digital experience, older banking clients still was to interact with a banker.  Multitouch Tables allow bankers to guide the digital experience, while keeping the bank personable and human.
  • Service Management / Queue Management (flow control of customers) Reduces perceived wait times
  • Saves Banks Money By bypassing spending on trendy tablets and moving the digital experience directly to the banker’s desk.
  • No Printed Documents Needed Stores all digital brochures and services offered by your banking institution.
  • Products Presentation Interactive interface for the presentation of promotional material, investments, graphs, charts, tax calculation, projections, etc..
  • Digital Signage and Video Walls Promote brand awareness while driving offers and promotions

All the services provided by the Banking, Finance and Insurance sectors can be communicated in a more efficient way using interactive technologies, through multitouch tables and kiosks.  iDesign Café helps banks create both an efficient and highly-engaging customer experience by offering the most versatile multi-touch products on the market that meet the needs of both traditional and online banking applications.  Interactive Design Cafe has the most advanced hardware and software solutions for your every need.

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