Touchscreen Wayfinding Kiosks and Digital Signage for hospitals

In the Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals sectors, multitouch tables and kiosks are the decisive step to ensure success and efficiency of organizations and companies, whether they are public or private.

Touch screens technologies are versatile, streamline operations, and can improve patient care. These medical touch solutions are becoming increasingly important for healthcare organizations. Multi-touch tables and kiosks allow users an intuitive, easy-to-use device to capture data, get information, and educate with a very easy to use interface. Industrial grade monitors are built with repeated use in mind, are easy to clean to limit the spread of infectious disease, and can be activated by the touch of a finger, gloved hand, or stylus. Privacy is also key in the healthcare industry. With this in mind, options such as biometric solutions to further authenticate individuals and privacy filters to limit monitor viewing angles are customizable to meet your specific application needs. Desktop, kiosk, counter and wall mounting, and mobile solutions are available to meet the needs of the environment and use of the touch screen technology.

hospital multitouch

One of the main uses of touchscreen kiosks is queues management. Since these sectors have public attendance services, in most cases with higher affluence, the effective management of queues (waiting lists) is essential for the proper functioning of such services. Multitouch kiosks running queue management software is one of the most important developments in recent years.

Hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices can be intimidating places for those that visit as both patients and as guests. When visiting a healthcare institution, ambiguity and confusion can create added discomfort to an already stressful situation. Digital signage has the capacity to mitigate and eliminate this stress, and for the healthcare institution itself, digital signage can streamline the provision of care, deliver higher quality of care and increase profitability.

Here are some ways hospitals across the country are using Interactive technology to their benefit:

  • Touchscreen Kiosks Automation of the patient check-in process. When deployed with the right content management system, touchscreen kiosks have the potential to streamline wait times and improve the capacity to service a greater number of patients and to improve the patient experience.
  • Touchscreen Wayfinding Directories can direct visitors from point to point within facilities, thus speeding-up the process of finding a patient room or check-in area..
  • Free Standing LCD Displays Can be used for wayfinding, advertising and to provide information in strategic areas.
  • Digital Signage Awareness and demand generation related to the gift shop or cafeteria. Digital signage can be deployed to promote specials and promotions, thus increasing sales and profitability tied to concession and hard good sales.
  • Multi-Screen Video Walls Deliver your brands message to patients and visitors.
  • Tracking Beacons Connect with your mobile application to direct visitors from the parking lot or lobby to a patients room or reception area.
  • Mobile Applications Give visitors detailed information of a medical center with beacons that guide them to their destination.

The use of multitouch kiosks integrated with specific peripherals, such as biometric identification, card readers, scanners, cameras, and payment devices, improve the performance of the organization, streamline workflow and provide the patients a drastic improvement of the services.

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