Interactive Kiosks and Touch Tables for hotel guest services

Using multi-touch devices such as kiosks, tables and digital signage, guests can easily access information, complete check-ins and bookings, view hotel offerings, and have an enjoyable experience that nurtures guest loyalty and increases sales.

Hotels are constantly seeking to differentiate themselves through leading-edge technology and a personalized guest experience, which helps increase on-site spending and repeat visits for both business and leisure travelers.

Multitouch Tables and Kiosks in hotels serve the same functions as a concierge in helping guests check-in or finding information such as local attraction, restaurants and tourist routs.

Multitouch kiosks and digital signage placed in the reception of a hotel can also serve as a powerful marketing tool. Revenue opportunities are available by highlighting the various hotel services that are available including spa treatments, tours and dining options. Digital signage can also be used to advertise external content.

According to Oracle Hospitality, almost two-thirds of US guests found it “very or extremely important” for hotels to invest in technology that enhances their experience.

Automated and predictive communication platforms not only allow hotels to quickly and proactively engage with guests, the technology also helps cater to customer service needs 24/7.  Touchscreens provide hotels an easy-to-use and efficient way to offer information about all aspects of the guest’s stay.  The reception desk might allow guests to check in using a touch screen kiosk, offer an interactive guide to the city, restaurant menus, push button taxi service, or entertainment for guests.

Multitouch tables, kiosks, digital signage and video walls are thus an increasingly essential tool in these area:

  • Check-in and Booking for Hotel
  • Information Directory and Interactive Hotel Map
  • Promotion of Hotel products and services
  • Information about local attractions, city maps and public transport
  • Interactive Experiences for tourists
  • Interactive Menus for restaurants
  • Interactive Advertising
  • Hotspot wireless for Hotels (lobby, bar and restaurant)

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