Touch Kiosks and Digital Signage for airports and rail stations

Touchscreen kiosks and digital signage represent an increasingly important role in the transportation and aviation sectors for services, information, and advertising. Aviation and transport is usually where new technologies are introduced and become the pioneers in the market to make their operations run more efficiently, faster and synchronized. Our large format digital signage and interactive touch kiosks not only help spread your massage and make your services run better, they compliment the environment as a sculpted work of art, with a digital portal to your brand.

Effective wayfinding is one of the top factors in how passengers rate their overall airport experiences. Intuitive wayfinding gives the passenger more control over their journey and this in turn results in direct benefits not just for the passenger themselves, but also for the airport. For the traveler, simply knowing where they need to be and how to get there gives them more personal control over their journey. For the airport, having a passenger who is in control of their journey can only be positive, and as well as increased satisfaction levels, secondary commercial benefits can also be reaped.

Interactive Design Café is a global leader in self-service interactive and immersive AV marketing technologies. We have an extensive range of self ordering kiosks, large format 4K, LED, and OLED digital signage, wayfinding systems, and standing totems. Our products and solutions are custom designed to meet your organization’s goals and objectives. We are always happy to talk through your ideas so please feel free to get in touch.