When things go wrong we are there to help.

Multitouch tables and kiosks consist of 3 main components. 1. Touch glass or frame 2. Display 3. Computer System.  90% of the time we can solve technical issues through remote diagnosis. For hardware malfunctions, we will promptly send either one of our trained technicians, or a specialized computer technician in your area to diagnose and fix any issues. When replacement parts are needed, we ship by express mail, which generally take from 3-5 business days to arrive depending on stock availability. A tech is then dispatched to the machine to install the part.


It is the customers responsibility to open, inspect, and test the product within 10 days of delivery. If your machine arrives with physical damage or is not turning on when you receive it, please contact IDESIGN, immediately by phone or email.  If damage is severe such as a shattered screen, please keep all packaging and document the damage with photos and video, and we will start the claim process. If your machine needs to be replaced it will take the same original lead time to re-manufacture another machine. We do a remote diagnosis that will tell us what is wrong with your product and if the damage is something that can be fixed we will send out a local technician ASAP.   If it’s a setting or function problem, we will walk you through the steps to correct the issue.  If it’s a hardware problem, we can usually have replacement parts delivered within 10 days, and will either send a tech to repair the machine or guide you through installation instructions for a simple fix. We work with the leading service providers in the country and have engineers and techs to diagnose any issues. All of our touch products are shipped with insurance and come with a Service Warranty that includes replacement parts for 1 year.  The warranty does not cover user damage to the machine.