Customer Support

Multitouch tables and kiosks consist of two main components. 1. Touch Screen 2. Computer System.  90% of the time we can fix problems through remote diagnosis or for hardware malfunctions we will either send one of our technicians or a local computer technician in your area.

Delivery Damage

It is the customers responsibility to open, inspect, and test the product within 10 days of delivery. If your machine arrives with physical damage or is not turning on when you receive it, please contact IDESIGN, immediately by phone or email.  If damage is severe such as a shattered screen, please keep all packaging, document everything with photos, and we will go through the claim process and it may take up to 30 days to manufacture and deliver a replacement machine.  If the damage is something that can be fixed we will either send out a local technician or do a remote diagnosis that will tell us what is wrong with your product.  If it’s a setting or function problem, we will walk you through the steps to correct the issue.  If it’s a hardware problem, we can usually have replacement parts delivered within 10 days, and will either send a tech to repair the machine or guide you through installation instructions for a simple fix. We work with the leading service providers in the country and have engineers and techs to diagnose any issues. All of our touch products are shipped with insurance and come with a Service Warranty that includes replacement parts for 1 year. The warranty does not cover user damage to the machine.

Trouble Shooting

1. Make sure the machine is plugged into a wall outlet or direct power source.  Extension cords may cause power issues.

2. Please check wiring connections and check the RAM memory cards to make sure they are securely locked in place.

3. Refer to the How to Use Manual included with your purchase and follow the step-by-step instructions.

If the machine is on but nothing shows on the screen, that means it is a software issue and you just need to reinstall windows 10. Please use your Window CD to install with the serial number included on the CD. If there is no CD drive on your machine, the Windows install needs to be downloaded or copied onto a USB or external HD. Plug in to USB port and it will run the installation.  If installation does not run please check all connections.

4. If Windows 10/display is acting slow or freezing up it is because Windows 10 likes to conserve memory, so there is most likely not enough memory allocated to RAM. To allocate more memory:

Right click on start button and go to systemadvanced system settingssettingsin performance options click on the advanced tabclick change virtual memoryuncheck the box at the top that automatically manages file size and click oncustom size and put in the 3070 or enough memory to run your programsclick Set and click OK. Click on Ok to restart computer and click restart now.

5. If your display shuts down or turns off randomly this is because Windows 10 is defaulted to conserve power.

First right click on the start button and go tosettingssystempower & sleepadditional power settings. This brings up the control panel power optionsset to high performancethen click on change plan settingschange advanced power settings -and that will bring up a pop up screen. Scroll Down to PCI Express and expand that + and you will see Link State Power Management and turn that off and hit OK. Click Save Changes.

6. Diagnose if hardware or software is the problem.  You can test using another computer screen by unplugging the HDMI port connected to the monitor.  See if it’s a screen problem or computer problem.

7. If it’s a computer part or we cannot identify the problem, we will send a computer technician to diagnose and replace any parts if needed.

8. We can remote diagnose the touchscreen if necessary once the machine is connected to Wifi.  Please download the TeamViewer remote software Here

9. If the touchscreen shows a touchpoint (transparent circle on screen) when touched, but the touch does not launch any apps or functions, the touch driver may need to be updated.  This issue happens when updating from Windows 7/8 to 10 and is a problem we’ve seen on older IR touchframes.  If you experience this issue please let us know and we will send you the driver update.

Transparent Glass Kiosk

Please follow diagnostic instructions below.  Common reasons the touch is not working are due to:
  1. USB Problem – It might be the USB connector got loose and needs to be unplugged and reconnected. Please see the video and follow the steps to re plug in the USB connection. This job requires 2 people. Make sure to get one person to hold the glass (from the sides and not the curved touch area). [1] Use the wrench included with the machine to detach the glass. There is a red cable and black cable. [2] Secure the  ground wire marked in RED to the base. [3] Then plug the BLACK USB connector on the glass.  Now carefully align the screws, slide the glass back in place, and secure glass to the base. Watch Video  If this does not solve the issue check the ribbon connection to the USB circuit board located inside the case attached to the bottom of the glass.glasstouchrepair
  2. Driver Problem – Or It might be a driver setting problem.  Go to the “Touch Controller” icon on the desktop.  Then select the “Enable” function to make sure the touch function is enabled.desktopicon
  3. If you don’t see the driver or neither Step 1 or Step 2 above don’t work, re-install the Dtouch_x86_v.51 driverDownload Here  Use DTouch to calibrate the touch point area and the threshold to adjust the capacitive touch sensitivity to the heat that is radiating from your hands. discwin
  4. Windows 10 It may seem that on the ‘File Explorer’ window the X in the top right corner used to close the screen does not react to touch.  This is actually a bad UX design in Windows 10 that can be resolved by hovering over the down arrow directly under the X and following the instruction that pop up to hold (Ctrl+F1) on the keyboard to “Show the Ribbon so that it is always expanded even after you click a command.  Now when you click the X it will close this window.
  5. Touch Not Reacting If the touch is not reacting or not scrolling it is most likely a (4GB) RAM issue.  You will need to adjust the defaults set in Windows 10 and allocate more memory to the RAM.  This will speed up the machine to run smoothly and allow the touch to react more efficiently.