Frequently Asked Questions

A 55″ interactive table can accommodate 4 users comfortably standing or sitting. From a technical point of view, infrared interactive tables can be customized to support from 2-32 simultaneous touch points. Capacitive and Nano touch tables up to 40 or more.

Yes, even though touch tables are between 150-300lbs, the table can be lifted and moved by 2 people, rolled on a piano mover, or we can add casters on the legs to make it easier to move around.  We also sell custom flight cases that protect the tables during shipping to trade shows, events, etc.

No. Interactive tables can be used “plug and play” as a computer once you open the box.  The use a standard 110V US power plug. All products ship with either Windows 10 or Android OS pre-installed. We recommend custom software for brands to maximize customer experience and add a seamless user experience with specific features that fit the needs of your business.

You can save the new program to the USB, and then connect through the table’s built-in USB interface.  You can also download any app from the Windows store via wifi. All our products come standard with 4-8GB RAM to run most software and can be expanded to 16GB or 32GB RAM.
Yes, but they only support single-touch features. You can not use the software in multi-touch functionality.
All our Interactive tables come with a LAN/Ethernet port and Wifi card installed.
All our Interactive tables and kiosks come standard with 3W-5W 3D stereo speakers installed and we with 10W x 10W speakers installed on outdoor models. If you want the table connected to remote speakers be sure to request bluetooth with your table. We can also add a headphone jack or even a digital optical out by request.
All our products come with industrial grade displays that are made for continuous 24hr/7 days wk commercial use.
The screen is very durable, you only need an ammonia-free household glass cleaner to clean it.  You can also dilute a 50/50 Windex and water solution.  It is recommended to spray the cleaner on the cloth, rather than directly on the screen.
The Infrared Touch is a screen covered with infrared emission tubes that are arranged on the surface of the touch screen, forming a fabric of infrared light. When there are objects may be fingers, hands or any object touching the screen that are blocking the infrared light being transmitted and received, the intensity of the received infrared rays will change. From these changes the device is able to determine touch. Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT or PCAP) technology is a variant of capacitive touch technology. All PCT touch screens are made up of a matrix of rows and columns of conductive material, layered on sheets of glass.  PCAP becomes increasingly more expensive on larger screen sizes beyond 42″. Nano Touch uses a “touch membrane” film of two sandwiched layers of an X, Y-axis grid matrix of nano-wires. Each matrix cell can be induced to touch. Touch signals are passed through the nano wires to a microchip controller. When the micro-controller signals pass through the interface to the computer, the computer then recognizes a touch on the screen.  See our page on touch technologies Multitouch Technology
Yes, our multitouch products come with a 1 Year Warranty.  iDesign Cafe., LLC. (“IDESIGN”) warrants the touch products and accessories contained in the original packaging against defects in materials and workmanship when in use normally in accordance with IDESIGN’s published guidelines for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of original retail purchase by the end-user purchaser. We offer an extended 3 year Multicare Plus Warranty that may be purchased with your product for 12% of the purchase price. Purchase orders of 20+ products come with 101% of the production order. Damage from users are not covered under the warranty.
Yes, multitouch tables and kiosks consist of two main components that would generally be the reason for failure. 1. Multitouch technology 2. A standard computer system. If a problem occurs, please contact IDESIGN, and you will be contacted back either immediately or within 24hrs by phone or email. We will do a remote diagnosis that will tell us what is wrong with your table.  If it is a setting or function problem we will walk you through the steps to correct the issue. If it is a computer issue we fix or replace parts according to your service level Warranty. There may be a charge for service calls.  Ask us about our annual maintenance program that includes a once per year preventative maintenance check up and unlimited service calls.
Yes, any of our touch tables, kiosks and free standing LCD’s can be made to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.
Our relationships with technology providers, software engineers, and design manufacturers allows us to create the most sophisticated products in both form and function. However, because our designs are custom manufactured per order and touchscreen/computer technology is installed from user defined specifications, we cannot accept returns or issue refunds.  Return for Repair is a warranty service offered to you as part of iDesign’s Standard 1 year Warranty and iDesign’s MultiCare Plus 3 year extended warranty program.  See Warranty for details.
This depends on product availability, our production schedule, customizations required and the method of shipping. Our average product manufacturing lead time is 25 days.  Custom designs may take 30-60 days. We use express air freight to ship, which has an expedited customs process and allows us to deliver anywhere in the world in 4-7 days.  Crates weighing over 300lbs will ship with 5-14 day delivery (pending customs). If time is not a factor we can use ocean freight to save on shipping and that will take 6 weeks.
No, our agency based in Los Angeles, CA,  sells and ships touch screen products directly to customers from all around the world. We design the best hardware and software to deliver beautiful and impactful experiences that take your brand to the next level. Our team is available to travel anywhere in the world.
Yes, we offer Installation Services anywhere in the continental United States. Our team of W2 technicians are trained to handle every aspect of your deployment. Our scope includes site surveys, staging and kitting, installation & rollouts, project management, onsite service, and repair.  Our partners at USSI also offer service and installation to our International clients
Yes, we can make almost any design with your choice of screen size, computer configuration and any additional features such as printer, scanners, cameras, card readers, etc.  We do offer a free mock-up of a proposed product, but will not offer CAD drawings until an order is placed.  If you need a CAD drawing before placing an order there is a $500 design fee.
Yes, we can print your logo on the product in the placement and dimensions you want; and we use the RAL color system to paint the product in your choice of color that matches your branding: see RAL Color Chart Here
Customization can take 30-60 days to or longer to complete. First, either we design a product for you or you submit a design concept. We then give it to our design department, who make a 3D model of your design with the specifications you have provided. This process usually takes 3-5 days. We then send the design back to you for your approval. Once approved, the design goes into manufacturing and is produced in the best choice of materials that match your design. We then configure the touchscreen technology you have requested with the computer components. The product is then tested and calibrated. The next step is to pack, crate, weigh, and ship the product for delivery to your door.
iDesign has experience in shipping products around the world. All our products are professionally packed and crated. We source the best prices from either Fed Ex, UPS or DHL Express and offer door to door delivery. We follow the shipment every step of the way to make sure it clears customs with no problems and have relationships with brokers that help us ensure a smooth delivery process. We often use express airfreight delivery, which expedites the customs process in the US for delivery in to 4-7 days. Our clients get a tracking number after booking and can follow the shipment to their door.  International shipping is 6-14 days pending customs.
Yes, we specialize in developing custom branded software for your specific business needs: be it a restaurant menu, hotel info, business directory, shopping center or retail, wayfinding, museum, real estate, educational, etc. We are award winning designers in (UI) User Interface, (UX) User Experience and (HCI) Human Computer Interaction, and can help you create the most engaging experience for your brand. For more complicated projects like banking with sophisticated security needs, we have partners for back-end development, who write software for some of the biggest banks in the world.
We will need to know what functions you want, the content flow, how many touch points, and how many pages to determine the cost of development.  It often takes a month of back and fourth to get all the content/functions specified, and getting the UX design approved from the client.  Once the design is approved we work at a rapid pace of programming for 1-2 months depending on the complexity of the project.
Typically, software can be developed for one operating system either Android, Windows, iOS, or Linux, depending on the hardware and OS of your product.  However, it’s possible to do add 2 OS, where you can switch from Windows to Android OS by request.