Improve Your Existing Ad Network with glasses free 3D digital signage

Glasses-free 3D digital signage makes use of parallax between the eyes and can show 3D performance without the use of special headgear or 3D glasses on the part of the viewer. Adopting the leading lenticular lens technique, iDesign’s glasses-free 3D all-in-one displays provide advanced marketing device and comprehensive glasses-free 3D solution for advertising media, exhibition, entertainment, education, retail stores, medical and scientific imaging, airports, hotels, theme parks and more.

Advertiser’s biggest challenges today are standing out in a crowd and capturing consumers’ attention

Glasses Free 3D Digital signage and video walls are an essential tool to help businesses:

  • Create dynamic trade show presentations that WOW audiences!
  • Create Intstant Brand Awareness High Definition 3D images convey a message of a high quality state-of-the-art company.
  • Tell your story like never before with breathtaking 3D visual graphics that jump out of the screen and capture the imagination.
  • Studies Show 3D Advantages Over 2D Signage 44% more attentiveness, 35% more recognition, 30% more sales.

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