96-APK Angled Point of Information POS Kiosk

Small angled point of information kiosk with stand.  These small kiosks make an great check-in kiosk at the doctors office or hotel, self-ordering food at a restaurant, searching products or point of sale in a retail store, and many other uses.  The angled display makes the kiosk more approachable and interactive. Designed for a smaller display where a full size 42″ may be unnecessary. The matching stand also offers convenient space to add extra components like a printer, scanner, RFID or credit card reader.  Available in 22″ and 32″ display size, and comes plug and play with Windows 10.

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  • 22″ or 32″ HD Display

  • 10 point Touch Technology

  • Intel i5 CPU

  • 8GB RAM

  • 128 GB SSD

  • Wifi

  • 2 USB Ports

  • 3D Stereo Amplified Speakers

  • Choice of OS



Shipping not included in price.  General lead time is 4 weeks.  Customization may take an additional 10-20 days.

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