99.VWDS Multi-Panel Video Wall Digital Signage

Building brand engagement isn’t just for retailers. Every type of business that has customers, patrons, or even patients can benefit from increasing awareness and brand recognition with the bright, inviting images from large format video walls. Video walls are an effective way to create unique backdrops with eye-catching focal points. They help to inform, educate, and have become commonplace in most stores, office buildings, hotels, and other public places because they have a huge impact on consumers purchasing decisions. iDesign Cafe offers a full range of commercial class narrow bezel HD, 4K, and glasses free 3D video wall solutions for all applications and requirements. We deal in LG and Samsung brand panels, with low markup to help you get the most out of your budget.  All our video walls come with your choice of wall hanging brackets or standing base, and include accessories like cables, splitter box, and controller. Let us know what size wall you need to make and we can find the best panel solution for your needs.

    Video wall available in many screen configuration options

    42″, 46″, 55″ or 65″ Samsung/LG LCD displays w/narrow 3.8mm Bezel

    Brightness 500 cd/m2

    Create eye-catching digital displays at Full HD resolution

    Available in HD, 4K, OLED or Glasses Free 3D Technology

    Includes Brackets, Cable Accessories, & Controller

    Video Switch Array, DVI SplitterVideo wall ships in compact sections


    Make your video wall interactive with an IR Touchframe (Optional)

    Installation by expert technicians available

Shipping not included in price.  General lead time is 3-4 weeks.  Video Wall screens can be easily mounted on a wall. Optional costs may include professional installation.

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Product Description

Video walls deliver an unrivaled visual experience that can communicate brand messaging with impact or bring a world of information before your eyes on one stunning digital canvas. A key addition to any government building, airport, store, hotel, bank, office, museum, etc.

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