93-TSSQ Walk Through Temperature Screening Security Gate

The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has changed the landscape in public safety, and moving forward—people want to be assured they are in a safe environment, while maintaining their personal freedom to go about their daily lives. These non-contact walk through thermal scanners will add confidence to your establishment by screening sick or ill patrons in a simple no hassle way. This model has 2 scanning zones 1 for adults and 1 for children where you simply raise your wrist in front of the scanner before passing through and entering the premises. If your temperature is above the normal an red light will flash and an alarm will sound.  If you read normal a green light will signal you to pass through the gate. One advantage of this unit is that it also has a metal detector function, so you do not need 2 separate security devices, and both screening procedures can be accomplished quickly. After a global pandemic like Coronavirus,  temperature screening tools are essential to build confidence in public spaces such as airports, banks, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, schools, restaurants, sports arenas, shopping malls, theme parks, theaters, the gym, trade show events and other crowded venues. Whether you’re already using metal detectors for security, or looking for a temperature screening device for the safety of your business, this dual-function temperature sensor/metal detector security gate offers a quick and easy way to ensure your facility is safe in a single comprehensive unit.

  • High accuracy temperature measurement  Range:-32ºC–100ºC Accuracy:±0.3ºC
  • 7″ LCD bright color touchscreen showing temperature reading
  • Dual temperature sensors for adults and children
  • Green/Red indicator light to alert dangerous temperatures
  • Environmental temperature correction for accurate scans
  • Intelligent passenger flow and alarm count function
  • Temperature measurement alarm
  • Metal detector function for complete security solution in single unit
  • Made of light synthetic PVC material with luxurious appearance
  • Free Standing with Easy Installation
  • Gallery Size: 2010 x 700 x 400mm  Outside:  2200 x 800 x 500mm


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