3.MPT MAMMOTH Multitouch Pedestal Table

MAMMOTH capacitive touch multi-touch table. This incredible XL pedestal touch table is ideal for visual presentations, and multi-user interaction. The top is layered with thick edge-to-edge waterproof/shatterproof capacitive touch glass made for hi-traffic public presentations. This table is available in 55″, 65″ or 86″ 4K Ultra HD resolution, with hi-spec hi-quality components, and tough but elegant design. The minimal edge around the touch surface and 32 point multitouch make it optimal for group collaboration. These large format touch tables have become a standard in universities, museums, military, government and space agencies. Comes plug-and-play with pre-installed Windows 10.

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  • 55″, 65″ or 86″ 4K Ultra HD Display

  • 20-32 point Capacitive Touch Glass

  • Powerful Intel i7 CPU

  • 16GB-32GB RAM

  • 500 GB to 1TB SSD

  • Wifi

  • 2 USB Ports, HDMI Out, LAN Connections

  • 3D Stereo Amplified Speakers

  • Choice of OS



General lead time is 4 weeks.  Customizations may take an additional 10-20 days.

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