99.QLED Pole Mounted P2.5 LED Digital Signage Poster

Indoor/Outdoor pole mounted commercial LED posters. The system can play video, graphics, animations, text and live broadcasts and has a pole mounting system on the back that makes it perfect for shopping malls, airports, city streets, sporting arenas, etc. As infrastructure across the world gets upgraded, LED posters offer a dynamic way to tell a story in advertising and creates a new arena for spreading information and advertising opportunities.

General lead time is 4 weeks. Optional costs may include professional installation.

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  • 2.5mm Pixel Pitch:  P = mm of space between LED’s

  • Pixels: 64 x 64 dots

  • LED Chip: San An  1R1G1B (SMD2121)

  • Brightness: 800 nits

  • Display format: 800×600 / 1024×768

  • Module Size: 160 x 160 mm

  • Refresh Rate: 2880Hz

  • Display Color: 218 Trillion Colors

  • Pole Mounting System

  • Asynchronous Control System

  • Front Panel Maintenance

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