92-TMK Dual Sided 75″ 4K Digital Signage Mall Kiosk

Fantastic dual sided 75″ 4K indoor digital signage shopping mall totem.  Can be used for digital signage advertising or  with touch as a point of information, directory or for wayfinding. Commercial class features and specs can be configured to your requirements.

  • Dual 75″ LG 4K UHD Displays

  • 10 point Touch Technology (Optional)

  • Intel i7 CPU

  • 8GB RAM

  • 500 GB SSD

  • Wifi

  • 4 USB Ports

  • Choice of OS or AV Boards


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There are major benefits for digital signs over traditional static signs, including the ability to update content remotely over the web, adapt the screens to your viewers and even interact with your local audience.


General lead time is 4 weeks. Customization may take an additional 10-20 days. Optional costs may include professional installation.

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