Multitouch Table Rentals give you the edge over your competition

Most of our multitouch tables and kiosks are available to rent and are certain to add an engaging experience to your next event or tradeshow.  Our capacitive and nano touch tables are water resistant and can work in demanding environments such as restaurants, cafes, bars, and nightclubs, so they are well equipped for hi-traffic events.  The touch table or interactive kiosk will come with Windows 10 or Android OS, so it’s easy to add your own software app, website, game or branded content.  If possible, we will ship you the products early to load and test your software FREE of Charge.  You only pay for the duration of time you book the products during your show!  Set up is simple and the touch tables and kiosks do not require a technician or assembly, they come either crated or in a wheeled flight case, ready to plug-in and turn on.

multitouch table rentals

Multi-touch allows the user to interact with immersive and entertaining content using more than one point of contact on the display allowing a far more natural user experience. This can come in many forms, from drawing, to dragging, dropping and pinching, to the simple of action of swiping from one page to the next.

Multitouch Tables are innovative, intuitive, natural, and incredibly collaborative. They merge the digital with the physical world.

Rental of multitouch technology gives you the greatest freedom and flexibility reducing risk and increasing your return on investment. With the opportunity of creating highly visual, high-impact branding opportunities at exhibitionstradeshows and product presentationsmultitouch rental will give you the cutting edge above your competitors.

Some of the benefits of multitouch table rentals are:

  • Diversity use your choice of multiple products at different events without having to purchase them all
  • Value for Money cuts the cost of purchasing a multi-touch table if you don’t need to own one
  • User Friendly there is a very limited amount of technical knowledge required to operate these devices
  • Attractive and Interesting due to the attractive designs, captivating look and interesting functionality of Multi-Touch tables you can be sure to captivate and engage your audience
  • Customer Experience is the most effective source of competitive differentiation
  • Well-Designed Content delivered on a multitude of digital screen types is critical to inform and engage customers
  • Customization we can create custom rental options to your request
  • Software we not only provide hardware but developer custom software applications for brands
  • We also rent digital signage, multi screen LCD video walls, LED modules, and 3D holographic ad players

Multitouch tables rentals are the perfect solution to have the most impact at your next event to effectively communicate your brand. Due to product availability, demand, and shipping time, Multitouch rentals may require a minimum of 6 weeks advanced booking, so be sure to reserve your products with plenty of lead time.  Minimum rental period is 5 days and subject to product availability. If you are thinking of taking advantage of the massive benefits that multi-touch tables and interactive kiosks can make for your business please fill out the form below or contact us at (310) 999-4208.