Multitouch Tables for kids provide a cooperative learning environment that teaches positive behavior and teamwork.

A number of children can interact together in a group and all touch the surface at the same time. A recent review reports this is especially true with regard to formal studies on the collaborative capabilities of multi-touch tables in learning environments with elementary age children, showing their potential to positively impact learning outcomes (Higgins et al. 2011). A recent observational study conducted with preschoolers playing on a multi-touch table, with games specifically designed to promote social competence, found over 75% of the interactions (body and verbal) were cooperative and collaborative (McManis & Gunnewig 2012: “Cooperation and Collaboration Among Preschoolers Using an Interactive Multi-Touch Table” presented at NAEYC’s Annual Conference).

The development and display of positive feelings when young children use technology is well documented. Children exhibit positive emotions and develop positive attitudes toward learning with multitouch tables, demonstrate greater positive affect and interest, and often show a preference for working with peers rather than independently.

The roles that multitouch tables for children could fulfill in an educational institution are numerous, whether kindergarten, elementary school or primary school. Multitouch tables and Interactive Whiteboards promote student collaboration, engagement and student-led learning.

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