Smart Mini Bar freezer Maintenance Tips

1. Smart mini bar freezer may be clean each two months

2. Clean dustproof each two months to avoid bad heat dissipation. Use vacuum cleaner or brush to clean dust , please don’t use any tools with sharps to avoid any damage on dust proof.

3. If you want to shut down the freezer for long time, Please clean the drawer and dry the drawers with blow drier , and keep it in clean and dry place from high corrosive gas. Don’t put it in open air.

4. Before cleaning the mini bar, please make sure to turn off the power and take off the plug, don’t flush the unit with water directly.  Don’t use any corrosive liquid with acidic or alkaline, neutral detergent is better to clean the unit.

How to prevent “Freezer Disease”

1.The food corrupt deterioration can’t be put into freezer, and don’t try to eat this kind of food.

2.Keep the freezer clean and dry, Clean the surface of the drawers and load bearing timely.

3.The people with chronic stomach disease, heart disease, high blood pressure or headache have to fast or pay attention to eating cold food. Normal people don’t excessive cold drink.

Attention for mini bar using in winter

Mini bar has the function of freezing. If the ambient temperature is too low, freezer will shut off automatically in several minutes after turning on. If the ambient temperature is lower than setting temperature of the freezer, the freezing function will not start. So please pay attention that don’t start the freezer function when the ambient temperature is lower than 5℃.

Attention for power outlet

Most people like multipurpose power outlet, it’s quite convenient for home using. But it’s very dangerous to share the same multipurpose power outlet for mini bar and other home appliances.

Let’s give a sample with mini bar and normal television:

Start current of both mini bar and television is very big, start current of mini bar is about 5-10 times of running current, television start current is 7-10 times of running current, if turn on the mini bar and television at the same time, home plug and electric wire cannot bear such big shock and cause damage on units. Meanwhile, operations of mini bar will produce electromagnetic wave, which may interfere running the television.

Please don’t use the same power outlet for mini bar with any other home appliances.

How to clean frost in the freezer

Because the back of freezer is the refrigerating part, it’s normal to have frost at the back of freezer. Frost may be big with ice for high humidity of the air. As long as the unit is turning off and temperature rises up, defrosting will automatically start and condensing water will flow out from the water outlet. When you find any ice or frost on the back, please pay attention to follow tips:

1.Try to reduce the times or short the time of opening the drawers

2.After close the drawers, check the drawers to close tightly and avoid any leakage on the seal.

3.Keep some space between the foods in the drawers, and please don’t close the foods to the wall of inner drawers.

In summer, frosting will be easily in high humidity of air. Normally, please clean the drawers by two months. It’s better to use the equipped defrosting scoop. If you don’t have the defrosting scoop, try with a plastic scoop rather than any materials tools with sharps to avoid any damage on the inner wall or pipes. We advise natural defrosting or hot water heating or fan to help defrosting.  In winter, defrosting period can be longer than 2 months.

How to remove odors in the minibar?

1. After period of time of using, freezer smells bad. If the smell is not strong, please clean the freezer with neutral detergent and clean with alcohol finally.(please don’t use iodine, iodine will color the glass easily.)

2. Dry the freezer with soft cloth, and put glass of white wine inside, shut the door off for 24-28 hours to remove the smell.

How to prevent the generation of odor

After period of time of using, food left in the freezer for long time, deterioration will generate odor. We share several methods here:

1.Storage food in fresh bag.

2.Clean the freezer timely

3. Put dry orange peel inside the freezer to remove odor

4.Put pieces of lemon inside he freezer to remove odor

5.Put tea bag inside the freezer, one month later, replace with dry tea bag. Tea bag can be recycling using after drying under sun.

6.Put medicinal stone bag inside the freezer, 10 minutes later, take it out.

7.Put one open bottle of vinegar inside the freezer to remove the odor

8.Put baking soda in open bottle, and put inside the freezer to remove odor

9.Put bowl of yellow wine inside the freezer. Take it out three days later.

10.Put charcoal bag inside the freezer to remove odor

Clean of the mini bar

1.Clean the freezer and surface glass with beer. Organic acid in beer can remove dirty easily. Because we usually load food in the freezer, we can use beer to clean the freezer for safety.

2.Beer is colloidal liquid .It may clean glass brighter but not leaving any fiber.

Maintenance method for door seal

You may coat with talcum powder on seal surface, and contact points between unit body and seal to protect the seal.

Common Problems:

Solution for block on drain port

Defrosting water flows away from the drain port on the back. If drain port is block by food residues, defrosting water cannot flow away but flow from freezer. If there is waterlogged in drain port, please pay attention that if there is any block. And unclog it with soft plastic parts, flush with water finally.

Solution for unsteady placement of the mini bar

If the mini bar is unsteady after installation, Please adjust the placement of mini bar. Please follow our tips:

Four feet of the mini bar can be adjusted:

1.Mini bar can be adjusted by four feet under the unit; front feet can be adjusted to balance the door.

2.If mini bar body is not steady, adjust the front feet too.

3.Four feet are connected to the body with screws. Rotating the feet to adjust.

Mini bar cannot cooling


1.Too much food in the freezer

Setting cooling temperature of the freezer is 3-12℃. Normally the freezer runs from 4-10℃. Open/close timely or storage too much food will bring more heat into the freezer, or make it not cooling

2.Compressor failure

Not cooling may be caused by failure of the compressor. After starting the compressor, testing the pressure of return gas pipes, if pressure is low, there must be some problem with compressor. If compressor cannot start, please first check the power plug.


1.If the mini bar cannot cooling, please open the door to check the light in the freezer, if the light is off, please check the power plug.

2.If the light in the freezer is on, please check the temperature setting in common level.

Why is the freezer temperature high in some hot area.

It’s not caused by mini bar, close the door and freezer temperature will be down after running for a while.

For better cooling in hot area, please pay attention to follow tips:

1.Don’t put hot food in the freezer, and don’t open the door frequently.

2.Don’t put too much food in the freezer in one time.

3.Put the mini bar in good ventilation area, keep more than 10cm spaces between the unit to others.

Close the door tightly. Don’t leakage cold air .

Cause of electric leakage

1.Please make sure earth of the mini bar is well connected. If ground connect is not well done, compressor running will produce static electricity.

2.Quality problem with unit, there may be failure with insulation on the inner circuit wires caused by worker in producing.

3.Compressor wires may be cut by mouse.

4. Electric leakage may be caused by broken body wires, which may be destroyed by screws.

Power source for the min bar

Mini bar requires power supply with 220V AC. it’s allowed to have a change range between 187V to 242V. In such range, unit can operate normally and perfect run with 220V. Higher than 242V or lower than 187V occasionally can be accepted ,but may have damage on the unit.

Cause of high power consumption

1. Power consumption of the mini bar is tested in standard conditioning, environment temperature is 25℃, relative humidity is 45-75%, air flow rate is lower than 0.25m/s.

2. If ambient temperature, setting level, times of open/close the door, quantity of food in the freezer will all change the real power consumption. In testing conditioning, the power consumption is 0.4 kwh, if ambient temperature reach 30℃, real consumption is about 0.65-0.7 kwh, if ambient temperature is 35 ℃, power consumption is more than 1 kwh.

Normal turning on and off of the freezer and normal functions of cooling mean normal operation of the mini bar.

Do not use the mini bar as air conditioner in summer

Mini bar consumes power to cool the foods. The unit input power will be higher with lower setting temperature of the freezer. Condenser of the unit will radiate heat into the air at the same time. The cooling capacity of the freezer cannot balance the heating capacity from the condenser if keep the door open. So do not use the freezer as air conditioner in winter.

Operation Manual:

Solution for static electricity

Cause: Static electricity with mini bar will not hurt. Static electricity is little static charge. Different from normal ac power, it cannot keep continues current.

Solution: Please contact with professional electrician to earth the mini bar.

Solution for not-starting in winter

Cause: In winter, the mini bar cannot start or run for minutes and shut down in low ambient temperature.


1. Each mini bar has compensation switch for low temperature. In winter, please make sure to turn on the compensation switch to heat the mini bar for normal operation

2. For better operation, please put the mini bar in warm place(environment temperature can be higher than 5℃).

Adjustment unsteady placement of the mini bar


1.Four feet under the mini bar can be adjusted to make balance of the unit

2.Clockwise rotation makes the unit higher, counter clockwise rotation makes the unit lower

Inspection and solution for condensing water from the mini bar

If the mini bar runs in high temperature and high humidity, and the surface of the unit is cold, the water in the air will condense on the surface. You may feel the condensing water. It’s normal as condensing water on the glasses in winter morning. Condensing can be happen on door, beam or seal. Please pay attention to follow tips to control condensation phenomenon:

1.Setting the temperature in low level, such as 5-8 ℃

2.Clean the glass surface and the freezer by soft cloth timely in summer

3. Put the mini bar in good ventilation conditioning

4.Clean the door seal timely, make sure to keep the door seal in good structure.

Solution for not tight closing or air leakage

After period of time, mini bar door seal will be harden and deformed by cooling air in the mini bar.


1. Heating by drier or hot towels

2.Tight close the door after the seal is becoming soft

Trouble shooting: 

Inspection method for not cooling

1. Did not turn on the cooling function or wrong setting temperature.

2.Sensor failure,  sensor has broken circuit or short circuit , or wrong specification setting

3.magnetic valve failure, coil in magnetic valve is burned or failed to reverse

4.PCB failure, PCB can get input or output signal

5.Compressor failure, compressor cannot start

6.Refrigerant system failure, any block or leakage with refrigerant system.

Inspection on not-starting

1.Make sure power voltage is in the same range of 187-242V. If the power voltage is not in this range, please equip with voltage regulator or get help from professional electrician

2.Please check the plug is available

3.Please check the ambient temperature, if ambient temperature is lower than 5℃,the compressor of the unit starts protection under low temperature.

4.Please check if there is any short circuit in the unit

5.Please check if the compensation switch for low temperature is turning on, check if there is any failure with the compensation switch

6.Please check if the setting temperature is in the reasonable range. Please check if the controller is available

7.Please check if there is any failure with compressor or compressor accessories

8.Please check if there is any failure with PCB, inverter board, display board or power board.