Touchscreen Interactive Systems for government agencies

There are many areas of society where the state is present. These public institutions, in most cases, inform, answer, forward and assist citizens. They are at the service of citizens and multi-touch tables and kiosks are a powerful support tool.

  1. Multitouch tables and Kiosks are made to serve the citizens so they become an essential work element for Public Organizations.
  2. Multitouch Kiosks can be used to provide relevant information to citizens, but also, in many cases, used for queues management and service.

government kiosk

In government, there is also increasingly the need to involve multi-touch tables and kiosks together with digital signage systems and video walls with multiple LCD screens placed at the front desk of these institutions. iDesign has a variety of touch tables, lobby kiosks and wall mounted displays that meet these demands based and can be configured to your requirements.

Touchscreen kiosks and digital signage are being utilized in almost every branch of the government to make a variety of applications faster and more efficient, which allows these institutions to better service a large number of people.

Multitouch tables and kiosks are thus an increasingly indispensable tool in the public administration for many functions such as:

  • Info Kioskwith necessary and relevant information about the services that the City offers such as Official information, announcements and decisions or projects.
  • Point of Sale KioskPromotion of local events (concerts, cultural events, etc.) with ticket sell vending machine.
  • Directory KioskSearch stores information in the city, (city guide), business addresses public/private.
  • Service Management KioskIt is often used to direct the user to a particular site or service that he/she is looking for.
  • Queue Management Kioskhelps the flow management of users in a more practical and effective way.
  • Payment Kioskallow citizens to make payments without the intervention of any employees of the municipality (water payment, fees, etc.)
  • Outdoor KioskIt is often used to inform citizens and visitors about the relevant information of the city. They are also an important support where the city hall can communicate the projects under development in the city.
  • Video WallsAllow Large multi-screen displays that captivate an audience in your lobby, conference center or control room.


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