Touchscreen Solutions for Hotels

hotel kioskiDesign Café  helps hotels create an efficient and highly-engaging customer experience by offering the most versatile multi-touch tables, kiosks and digital signage solutions on the market.

Our multitouch systems can be customized to match the interior of your lobby with software developed to give virtual tours, display local destination maps, show featured attractions and nearby restaurants, local shopping guides, and automated check in systems.

With social and mobile experiences changing the landscape, service design innovation is the only way that companies can meet these high expectations. iDesign Café multitouch products create customer experiences that are the most effective source of competitive differentiation. View Inventory

Touchscreen Interactives for omni-channel Retail

iDesign Café  helps retailers innovate their customer experience with the latest in digital signage, multtouch tables, interactive mirrors, RFID based technology, tracking beacons and projection mapping. View Inventory

We all expect good customer service, but when a service is well orchestrated we don’t remember the service, just how it made us feel

The interaction between people, product and place – and how a product or system can affect our behavior – lies at the heart of our practice.

iDesign Café helps retailers identify problem areas and generate ideas for improvement. We examine the operations, culture, and structure of your organization for impact on service experience and redesign your touch points to improve the way they allow your customers to interact with your service.

Multitouch Tables and Smartboards for Education

multitouch for educationiDesign Café helps educational institutions integrate multitouch tables and whiteboard displays in classrooms. Multitouch systems are proven to help students engage in an interactive learning experience that has the power to revolutionize education.

Results from a three-year project working with over 400 pupils, mostly eight to 10 year olds, show that collaborative learning increases both fluency and flexibility in maths. The studies show that using an interactive ‘smart’ desk can have benefits over doing mathematics on paper.

iDesign works with universities and state governments and is dedicated to education innovation.  Ask about our 5% educational discount on all our multitouch products. View Inventory

Multitouch Tables, Kiosks and Video Walls for Museums

museum multitouchiDesign Café  multitouch tables, kiosks and video walls encourage visitors to explore exhibitions in ways that have never been possible before. Now museums can use innovative technology to expand their exhibits to include interactive experiences that bring an exhibit to life through touch screen technology that allow information to be displayed in and exciting an engaging way.  View Inventory

Instead of just looking at escavated  dinosaur bones, today’s students want to see the dinosaur alive in it’s natural habitat. They want to interact and be part of the exhibit.

iDesign Café  helps museums innovate their experiences through custom hardware and software.  We can create interactive experiences such as augmented reality, 3D animation, information graphics and virtual tours.

Multitouch Solutions for Auto Showrooms

auto multitouchThe Auto Industry is one of the most competitive businesses in the world, which is why car makers like Mercedes Benz, BMW and AUDI know that once you have a potential customer in the showroom, you need to keep them engaged with an innovative customer experience.

Customer experience is the most effective source of competitive differentiation, and iDesign  multitouch tables, kiosks and video walls make it possible to ensure the most memorable customer experience possible.

With more than ten years in the Asian automotive space, and longstanding relationships with automakers including Luxgen, Nissan and Infinity, Interactive Design Cafe is invested in helping car manufacturers engage customers. View Inventory

Multitouch Interactives for Tradeshows and Events

Trade shows foster and accelerate innovation. They offer an exciting and efficient marketplace of products, services, and ideas.  Trade shows strengthen the professional and personal bonds between industry members. 

Large trade shows can create such a large footprint for your industry that it breaks through the collective clutter to provide your industry with national, even international attention. Which is why it is critical to captivate the audience to interact with your content immediately by crafting an unforgettable experience. View Inventory

iDesign Café  helps exhibitors create the most innovative trade show booth that will distinguish your brand from the crowd.  We work with only the most talented  designers and specialize in integrating the latest multitouch tables, kiosks and video walls to engage your audience.  We will customize software for your brand that will turn your booth and products into a memorable experience.

Touch Tables and Self Ordering Kiosks for Restaurants

Restaurant self-ordering kiosks and touch tables are quickly becoming the go to way for innovation in the food service industry.  Restaurants can customize software to showcase menu items and make ordering easy and instant with credit card processing built into the table. View Inventory

Restaurants have shown that interactive tables increase sales because customers tend to browse the menu longer and order at their own leisure, rather then having a server take an order during the course of their stay.

Multitouch tables can also display ads, feature games and call a server when help is needed without frequent check ups that waste time when staff is needed elsewhere.  Multitouch tables give customers the control over their service and ordering, while freeing up staff to be more responsive to actual needs.

Multitouch Tables and Bars for Nightclubs

nightclub multitouchiDesign Café  develops multitouch tables and bars for nightclubs. Hardware can be customized to match your decor and software can be developed to feature your drink menu, plays advertisements, games and custom applications.

With the peak crowd at nightclubs it may become hard for patrons to work their way to the bar and difficult for waitresses to get to their customers who want drinks.  Multitouch systems help to streamline the drink ordering process by eliminating the need to take orders so waitresses can focus on delivering drinks to tables, improving wait time for customers and increasing tips. Multitouch systems add innovation to your establishment, which will bring in more customers who are looking for a nightclub with a unique experience.

iDesign Café  has the most stylish and futuristic selection of multitouch tables, kiosks and available on the market. We also have digital signage, interactive bathroom mirrors and video walls. View Inventory