94-ISF Projection Touch Glass Window Store Front

Interactive touch glass adds a whole new dimension to window shopping that will attract customers, get leads and make sales during or after hours.  For example:  The touchscreen could allow consumers to interact with an online catalog of products to find more detailed information, add and send products to their email, or make a purchase and have it sent to their address.  Software can be developed to allow passers by to use their phones to navigate or pay by phone.  The possibilities are endless. Our technology includes a 55″ transparent capacitive touch film, high lumen projector, and computer, to create an engaging touch displays on virtually any surface.  Our touch film has an electrostatic cling layer which makes it suitable for temporary installations and when the layer is removed it can be laminated for permanent use.  The projector can be mounted at the front or rear, and projects onto a 90% transparent screen film.   This process creates a holographic effect that makes it look like content is floating on the glass.  Interactive windows have been used for retail store window applications, but the system is also popular for trade show exhibitions, corporate offices, museums, etc.  Click on the video tab on the left of the product description for a demo.

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  • Projected Capacitive Touch Foil Technology

  • Works best on glass from 4mm to up to 20mm thickness

  • Touch foil is very durable and flexible Polyester

  • 2, 10 or 40 Touchpoints

  • Quick response speed

  • Can be attached to almost any surface: Shop window, Glass, Acrylic, any other non-metallic material

  • 17″ to 100″ custom sheets on request

  • USB 2.0 Output

  • 1 GB RAM

  • USB, Wifi, Bluetooth (Optional)

  • Removable or permanent adhesive

  • Includes projection screen to brighten picture

  • Includes 3500-5000 Lumen Projector

  • Computer (Optional)

General lead time is 2-4 weeks.

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