97.ORP Table Top Omnichannel Retail Kiosk Portal for Endless Isle Experience

Incredible table top touchscreen endless isle kiosk portal designed for omnichannel retail.  These elegant touch displays are easy to install and instantly offer your customers a digital experience in-store.  We get asked all the time about which customer experience strategy stores should adopt and with all the technologies available like AI, VR, Augmented Reality, Memory Mirrors, etc, it becomes difficult to find the right strategy weighing the cost and risk of a new initiative. As stores downsize their footprint and reduce in-store inventory, one of the most effective CX integrations they can make is an omnichannel kiosk portal for endless isle inventory availability. The single most important incentive of buying online is the availability of a wider choice. Having wider choice at times is more lucrative than price. With the limitation of space, availability of products within the store is always an issue. These omnichannel portals provide the endless isle to expand options available to customers and meets their needs to have the convenience of shopping online in-store. Its a win win and not that expensive to integrate because it can be linked and managed with existing inventory software API. IDesign offers the most stylish hardware with custom branded software solutions designed for the best and most frictionless customer experience.

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  • 21.5 or 32″ HD Display

  • 2-6 point Capacitive Touch Technology

  • Intel Quad Core CPU

  • 4GB RAM

  • 128 GB SSD

  • Wifi

  • 2 USB Ports

  • 232 Port Connection for Debit/Credit Card POS

  • RFID or Barcode Scanner Optional

  • Choice of OS



General lead time is 2-3 weeks.

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